Tandem Ballet (working title)

A blind man or woman, pushing a tandem, walks into the middle of the space.  This is the hero/heroine of a new, medium-scale, outdoor dance performance on and around tandems, performed by blind, partially sighted and sighted dancers.

The show will follow the hero/heroine on an extraordinary journey – a quest for adventure & knowledge – through real and imagined landscapes, helped or hindered by the incredible people he or she meets along the way.

The new show will build on the imagery, & ideas for staging, sound and audio description developed during the research & development phase.  Click the button to see a short film of this phase.

click link to access Tandem Ballet's R&D film

Tandem Ballet (or whatever we call it) will be a touring production, with six dancer/performer (blind, partially sighted and sighted), and three tandems.


Workshops for Local People
We aim to be able to offer workshops, either as stand alone activity, or for participants to join in performances.  Or, a simple tandem ride.