Performance Parking

Silhouetted bike 'leaps' from the top of a pole into the sky

Inspired by the length you sometimes have to take to securely park your bike!

Painted to highlight the perfection of their design, the bikes are sky blue and tree green; conspicuously hidden in the urban landscape.  They are dada-esque in nature, surprising, unexpected, surreal interventions.

close up of inner workings of a bicycle bell painted green


‘Painting a bike lets you truly appreciate the perfection of its design,’ Karen Poley, Creative Producer

A blue BMX leaps from the top of a pole - seen from above



Everyday I open the curtains and my day brightens a little‘ one neighbour on the Alton Estate, Roehampton said of her bird’s eye view of one of the installations.


A new project exploring physical and virtual installations, inspired by and created with local communities across Kent, in response to the county’s hosting of the Paralympic Cycling Evets in September 2012.

Creating iconic imagery in unexpected urban and rural landscapes, reCyculture Kent will literally put the bicycle on a pedestal, with a virtual layer, exploring issues, thoughts, facts, ideas, the good, the bad and the imaginary of cycling in the 21st century.

With local communities, we will explore ideas to create installations and develop virtual material working across a range of artforms including spoken word, stop animation, clowning and physical theatre, visual art and sound design.  Further details shortly…

The project has evolved from previous projects, Performance Parking and Green Horses on the Wall.

bmx bike leaps from the top of an old telegraph pole, the sun bursts from from a cloud behind against a blue sky. A tenement block sits in the corner of the image

Performance Parking

A green bike hangs on the wall of a block of flats, in between green treens

Green Horses on the Wall

the front wheel and handlebars of a bright green bike emerge from the wall of a block of flats in Roehampton

Green Horses in Putney