Ideas Block

The Ideas Block is a series of blog spaces for the development of new ideas and potential future projects – a kind of online brainstorm.  Artistic and other collaborators will be able to use the spaces to contribute images, colours, forms, text, audio, video, weblinks and other material to help nurture and evolve various ideas.

Some are open, others password protected for now, but if you are interested in becoming a partner or collaborator, please get in touch.



tightly packed bunch of pink, red and yellow crysanthemum

The Flower Project

large 1930s crowd smile at the camera

1930s (working title)

In the Wild

In the Wild

The Bicycle Ballet Ballet

The Living Coast Undersea Experience


Cake shaped and iced to look like the world

The World’s a Cake

BMX bike 'jumps' into the sky from the top of a pole, overlooking Brighton Pier in the distance

reCyculture digital