The Great Pebble Dash

An outdoor game for all ages, families & bubbles, which plays out across a town, city, park, street or other location, to find tiny, ‘pebbleface’ artworks drawn by artist Raysto.

Players follow visual clues posted online over one or two days.  After finding the general location, players must match the shapes, textures & patterns in the landscape to find the pebblefaces.

The pebblefaces are inspired by the shapes, shades & textures of the stones’ geological formations.  The faces are ‘cute & tactile, with surprisingly vivid expressions,’ (The Independent, May 2007)

Lots of potential to develop routes, locations, birthdays, special occasions, team building etc, & possibilities for workshops.

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The Great Pebble Dash on Facebook, on Instagram & #thegreatpebbledash

You can read more about Raysto in this lovely BLOG the silly hats are just one theme!!

Originally commissioned by the University of Brighton for the fourth international Visual Methods Conference, Sept 2015.