Delve Deeper into Beachy Head West Marine Conservation Zone

Beachy Head West Marine Conservation Zone (BHWMCZ) runs from Brighton Marina to Beachy Head & a mile out to sea. BHW MCZ protects a unique chalk reef with a rich diversity of life.

The chalk reef is formed by the action of waves & weather eroding the chalk cliffs along the coastline. This has created an intertidal wave-cut platform formed of ridges & gullies, which extend out to sea, & provide habitat for a rich biodiversity of plan & animal life.

A network of marine conservation zones extends around the UK, working together to protect the diversity of habitats, breeding grounds & species, & encourage long term sustainability.

In Beachy Head West MCZ, these threatened species include the Short Snouted Seahorse, the Common Oyster & Blue Mussel beds.

Sarah Ward, Living Seas Officer, Sussex Wildlife Trust explains further


Sussex Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority (IFCA) is the regulatory body responsible for monitoring fisheries & enforcing BHW MCZ legal protections.

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