The Great Pebble Dash

4 images, gradually moving away from a pebble face drawingA high speed game for all the family, which plays out across a town or festival location, to find tiny, ‘pebbleface’ artworks drawn by artist Raysto.

Players follow visual & animated clues posted online throughout the day.  After finding the general location, players must match the shapes, textures & patterns in the landscape, as they are gradually revealed, to find the pebblefaces.

The pebblefaces are drawn on local stones, inspired by the shapes, shades & textures of their geological formations.  The faces are ‘cute & tactile, with surprisingly vivid expressions,’ (The Independent 23 May 2007)

Lots of potential to develop routes, locations, possibilities for workshops & linking in with marketing & PR.

Further info:

Commissioned by the University of Brighton for the fourth international Visual Methods Conference, Sept 2015.